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Club Guidelines

Game Field and Referee Assignments :

You should have already used the website to find your scheduled games and manage your game day roster. This webpage describes the procedure for finding a game field and game time using the Redwood League website. The old "Manager" role in the Redwood League website is now replaced with "Team Staff".

2011 CYSA Cal Soccer League Administration

1. Select your game fields

Matches (from the CCSL schedule) will be loaded into the Redwood League website by the webmaster.  Use this procedure "Game Field and Time Slot Selection Procedure" to select fields for your home games.  Once a field and time is selected, the request for Referees is published with default for "self select", which allows referees to sign-up for your match. You must contact the club referee assignor if you desire to manually assign referees.  Select your fields as soon as possible, as it is more likely to have the best referees requesting your games. League schedules are usually posted in Mid March for Spring and Mid August for Fall on the CCSL website:

2.  Identify available fields for scrimmages.

See page 6 of "Game Field and Time Slot Selection Procedure for identifying fields available for scrimmages.  Once you identify an available field and time, you do NOT self-assign it.  There is no way for you to do that anyway.  You first identify the field and time you want, then email the club game scheduler the following:

Your team name
Your team age (e.g. U12)
Class -- 1 or 3; or copper, bronze, silver, gold
(optional) Name of opponent (e.g., Juventus Lightning)
Field you want
Time slot time (e.g., 1:15 - 3:00) you want
How many refs do you want?  0 , 1 or 3. 

3.  Other tidbits needed by the Club Game Scheduler or Referee Assignor

(a) an email request should include:  Your name, your phone, your team name, team's gender; teams age (e.g., U11).   Without this info, you run the risk of delayed response and action.

(b) Know the dimensions and condition of your game fields. For example Greer 2 be an undersized 11v11 field, Greer 1 is a full sized 11v11 field, and Greer 4 may be lined for a full sized 8v8 field.

(c) Remember to have cash in hand at the end of each match to pay refs.  Payscale is located at -> Referees.

(d) Remember to evaluate the refs after every game. Do this within a day or two so it is fresh info.  If you wait too long the system may prevent it.   You will do this at "To Be Provided".  You should evaluate refs for home and away games.  And scrimmages as well.  Score the refs as accurately as you can.  If you don't understand refereeing or the laws of the game well, yoiu should try to learn a little so your scores can be meaningful.  Here is a short article which has links at bottom to the FIFA Laws of the Game which we follow.

When evaluating refs consider a "3" to mean expectations were met.  Give a 5 if they were completely awesome.  And a 4 for above average or very good performance.  Feel free to give 1 or 2  as appropriate.  But be careful not to vent your frustration about losing  a match when scoring the refs. Try your best to be objective in your scores and comments. Remember the principle of respect.  Refs are human beings (reallly!) and deserve to be treated respectfully whether when you are evaluating them at the keyboard or when you are at a match.  A soccer field is not an excuse to treat someone like dirt. 

(e) If you need to play an away game at a Stanford field (due to field unavailability at the other city), do this only as a last resort.  And don't try to make this happen without involving club game scheduler.  Your opponent will need to be sure to notify their field and ref scheduler too.  And their field scheduler will need to take some action at the website to initiate the change.

If you have questions, please let me know.  I hope we have a great season together.


Norm Picker
Ref Assignor
Stanford Soccer Club