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Info for Referees & Assistant Refs (Linesmen)

- Club Referee Need-to-Know (really read this)
- CYSA California Soccer League
- Referee Payment Schedule
- Finding Referee Assignments
- Becoming a Referee or Assistant Referee (Linesmen)
- Referee Evaluation using Redwood League website (reference only)

CYSA California Soccer League (<--- Click for rules, etc)

- CCSL Red Card Send Off Procedure: Referee officials To file a CCSL Coast or Bay Division match send off (red card) report click here. Fill out the web based form, hit submit and a pdf of the send off report will be emailed to you with additional instructions. Please do this within 24 HOURS of the match. You should contact the referee assignor in the League that the send off was given and report the incident. As a reference, here is a blank Send Off Report that you may print and carry to capture the information. If you are a player or coach that has  received a send off (red card) in a CCSL  Coast Spring League  match, this link ( will take you to the site for a  listing of all send offs. The player pass will be sent to your League President or send off coordinator and will be returned to the team when the suspension has been served.   Please allow 48 hours for the send off to be posted.

Game cards will be 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper printed by the home team manager and brought to the field. 

You may self-assign or request a game using the Peninsula Soccer Referees Association.  But your profile must have your USSF ID and USSF Year (what year your badge says) entered.  All refs are required to renew their badges annually.

Referee Payment Schedule

Click here for referee payment schedule.

Finding Referee Assignments

Refs sign up and access the most recent listing of SSC games and ref opportunities at the Peninsula Soccer Referees Association site. Using a tab at the top you can register as a referee. If you are already associated with the Redwood League as a player, parent, coach, or manager, you must instead send an email to and request that "referee role" be added to your profile.

Becoming a Referee or Assistant Referee (Linesmen)

SSC is always looking for referees. Referees must be at least Grade 8 certified by United States Soccer Federation; the club can help you gain certification, training programs are usually held at least twice a year.  Upcoming classes can be found at

Licensed referees must be in uniform and wear badge (regardless of age). Referees (center and assistants) should report at the field no later than 20 minutes before the game, dress in the standard referee uniform, and bring the appropriate equipment (license badge, rule book, pen, flags, etc.).

To be considered as a referee, please send an email with your qualifications to

Referee Evaluation using Redwood League website

Teams are encouraged to "rate the referee". The procedure is described in the club manager's Game Day Requirements.