Girls Team

For team tryout contact the team manager. Teams have open tryouts that may include attending a normal practice session or a seasonal scheduled tryout event (usually in late Fall or late Spring).

Please bring a completed tryout registration form to team tryouts. Age groups shown are for Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Title Age Born In/After Coach Division Team Manager Email
Vortex (United 09G Black) U9 1/01/2009 Pedro Duarte Gold/CCSL Jeremy Dahl
Dust Devils (United 08G Black) U10 1/01/2008 Pedro Duarte Copper/CCSL Chris Flynn
Heatwave U10 1/01/2008 Ed Cervantes Copper/CCSL Meredith Ackley
Mega Storm U11 1/01/2007 Steph Darling Bronze/CCSL Scott Thomas
Thunder (United 07G Black) U11 1/01/2007 Armando Luna Silver/CCSL Ken Schramm
El Ninas U12 1/01/2006 Sassan Golafshan Gold/CCSL Amy Veater
United 06G Black U12 1/01/2006 Armando Luna Bronze/CCSL Elaine Heal
Blackout U13 1/01/2005 Juan Mayora Bronze/CCSL Andrea Brand-Sanchez
Shockwave U14 1/01/2004 Ross Ireland Gold/CCSL John Martin
Eclipse U15 1/01/2003 Juan Mayora Bronze/CCSL Jim Pflasterer, Amy Yang,
Flares U16 1/01/2002 Stephanie Darling Bronze/CCSL Omar Baldonado, Matt Glickman,
Tornadoes U17 1/01/2001 Ramiro Arredondo Gold/CCSL Christine Meyer