Girls Team

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Title Age Born In/After Coach Division Team Manager Email
Leopards 09G U11 1/01/2009 Kedar Doshi Bronze/Norcal Manish Gupta
Vortex (United 09G Black) U11 1/01/2009 Marcos Giovannoni Norcal Raul Burgos
Thunder (United 07G Black) U13 1/01/2007 Armando Luna Gold/Norcal Ingrid Donahue
Shockwave U16 1/01/2004 Ross Ireland Gold/Norcal John Martin
Eclipse U17 1/01/2003 Juan Mayora CCSL Jim Pflasterer, Amy Yang,
Tornadoes U18 1/01/2002 Ramiro Arredondo State Premier/Norcal Christine Meyer, Carrie Daniel,