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Welcome to our Stanford Soccer Club tryout information. 
The Stanford Soccer Club is a competitive youth soccer club serving Palo Alto and neighboring communities. Our teams compete in the Cal Soccer League (CCSL-CYSA) and NorCal Premier Soccer League across all competitive levels.
In conformance with new 2017 league mandates the Club Team Tryouts are different than past years. Post fall tryouts in November/December (for the coming spring) are now focused on intra-club player adjustments, recreation players seeking a club team, and players who have recently moved into the area. Open Club Team tryouts occur in late May-June and are less restrictive.
Boys Teams Tryouts

Provisional Tryout Schedule TBD

Girls Teams Tryouts

Open Session Schedule coming soon

Open Team Sessions
Age Date Time Location
2010 Nov/Dec   Mayfield
2009 Nov/Dec   Mayfield
2008 Nov/Dec   Mayfield
2007 Nov/Dec   Mayfield
2006 Nov/Dec   Mayfield
2005 Nov/Dec   Mayfield


Player Recruitment

The Stanford Soccer Club offers teams in various stages of progression:

  1. More established teams, whose player rosters are established but are looking to add players
  2. New teams, whose rosters need to be built from scratch or from a small core of excellent players; initiated by motivated parent volunteer (and may be coach assisted)
  3. “Open team slots,” for parents and coaches who want to start a team in an age group that is currently not represented in the club (for example, a boys or girls team for a younger age group, or for a gender where the club has an age-group opening); may be expedited by club official.

All teams have the same recruiting objective: to make their team as competitive as possible by adding players with optimal mix of talent, skill and attitude. Even a well-established team with a nearly full roster will normally be willing to add a capable player. Less established teams will be more flexible in their recruitment expectations, perhaps underscoring ability and attitude more than experience.

While the club assists all Stanford teams with player recruitment, each team is responsible for creating and implementing its own evaluation process.

Evaluation Process

New players usually join a team around the end of a season, when teams are preparing their rosters for the following season. November and May are optimal times for interested players and parents to contact teams, though those wishing to learn more about a team may contact a them whenever they wish. See Teams for a listing of all Stanford Soccer Club teams and their contact info.

New players should aim to join a team well in advance of the start of a season. It can take a month or more to register a club soccer player and receive an official player card (this requires photos, birth certificates and other official documents). A club soccer team’s roster is also usually set at the season's start, making it difficult to add new players during the season.